The Devil's Dance

by Anh Le

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I used to be a fan of second chances
My philsophy's changed, you're guilty until proven innocent
Cause you've pushed me way over the edge
I'll teach you not to take advantage of my weakness

Say Goodbye
To my Forgiveness
Say Hello, To my revenge

Say Goodbye
To my conscience
Say Hello, to no regrets

Because of you I was dancing with the devil
Tricked me into believing you were worth all
The trouble
Now I'm surrounded by all your ghosts and skeletons
It's ironic how, lonely I feel when I"m with them

( Chorus)

You're breaking souls
and suffer no consequence
That's just the way that you live
You say you love
but then abandon it
That's just the way that you live

But I'll teach you
Yeah I will teach you

Not to take it all for granted

Next time things will be different
I'll know better than to dance with death
I'll know better than to dance with


released December 15, 2012



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